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Analyse eines Lernszenario-Settings unter Nutzung plurilingualer Ressourcen

Marjan Asgari, Janina Vernal Schmidt, Renata Zanin

Pages 27 - 52



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This article presents the use of a learning scenario in a plurilingual primary school setting. The exemplary qualitative study presents the cross-class and cross-curricular, action-oriented scenario didactics in primary school and reflects on the use of language resources by the pupils during the development process. The learning scenario presented here was developed as part of the Erasmus+ project E-LearnScene. It has been tested and evaluated at a primary school with a high level of multilingualism. In the process, it was observed that the learners draw on their overall communicative repertoire in an unguided manner. On this basis, translanguaging strategies in the implementation of learning scenarios in plurilingual settings are determined.

Keywords: Translanguaging, learning scenarios, task-based learning


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