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„Fuck Oida!“

Entlehnungen im Bereich der Pejorativa bei Wiener SchülerInnen

Oksana Havryliv

Pages 171 - 197



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This article deals with lexical loans in the domain of pejoratives among Viennese secondary school pupils from the lexical-semantic and the pragmalinguistic points of view. The data come from written surveys among Viennese schoolchildren (11-17 years old) from 2007-2008, 2013-2016 and 2018-2019. Special features of the age group that encourage the borrowing of foreign-language pejoratives are highlighted, and intercultural aspects of the expression and perception of aggressive verbal expressions and the reactions to them are explored.

Keywords: youth languages, pejoratives, lexical loans, Viennese secondary school students, verbal aggression


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