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Naturlyrik ohne Natur?

Marion Poschmanns Poetik des Ambientes

Claus Telge

Pages 35 - 66



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Nature poetry evokes the immediate presence of natural phenomena while pushing out of reach that which lies outside the text, that which has not yet become ‘nature’. For this process Timothy Morton has coined the terms ecomimesis and ambient poetics. Referring to the different elements of ambient poetics, this article illuminates their application in the poetry and poetological writings of Marion Poschmann, who is considered one of the most important innovators of German nature poetry. By showing how Poschmann finds new ways of reinventing the genre through her evocations of place in ‚Geliehene Landschaften‘ and ‚Nimbus‘, I propose to extend Morton’s conceptual framework to include a creative and critical plurality of ambient poetics in the Anthropocene. Poschmann’s poems playfully recalibrate poetic perception and expand the lyrical mode to make visible the complex and tensional interrelationship between the human and the nonhuman.

Keywords: German poetry; nature; Naturlyrik; ecocriticism; Anthropocene; posthumanism; Marion Poschmann; Timothy Morton


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