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Spuren deutscher Sprache, Kultur und Literatur im öffentlichen Raum

Spot German zwischen Linguistic Landscape-Forschung, Literatur- und Kulturvermittlung im Kontext von Deutsch als Fremdsprache – ein Bericht aus der Praxis

Jana-Katharina Mende

Pages 215 - 250



Spot German is an interactive and creative way to get to know the German language and discover a linguistic and literary landscape. This article explains how this works and where the idea comes from. It summarises the history of Spot German, its interdisciplinary context bridging linguistics (especially linguistic landscape research), area studies, German as a foreign language and literary studies, and the place of Spot German projects in the teaching of German as a foreign language. Designed as a hands-on report, the article seeks to encourage the development of Spot German projects in class and to provide helpful suggestions and instructions for course design.

Keywords: Spot German, linguistic landscapes, German as a foreign language, literature in public spaces, critical literacy, intercultural mediation


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